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Whether you’re hungry for more after finishing the book or coming to this page with fresh eyes, we’re glad you’re here. Read on for our recommended next steps and more Challenger resources.

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Read next: “The Challenger Customer”

“The Challenger Customer” is a reality check. Conquering the core Challenger skills isn’t enough; your success or failure also depends on who you challenge. Take the next step in your Challenger development journey with insights on identifying and engaging the right customer stakeholders.

The Challenger Customer book

You’ll learn:

Why marketing and sales teams go after the wrong buyers

Why there’s so much dysfunction in B2B buying

What makes the seven types of B2B buyers tick

How to identify a customer Mobilizer®, the buying influencers who can enable change and build consensus around the problem, solution, and vendor selection

How to use Commercial Insight to show that the pain of maintaining the status quo and continuing along the same path is greater than the pain of adopting a new, better solution to your problem

How to equip your Mobilizer with the Insights and tools they need to get to yes

How to break and build mental models to bring about change

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Read next: “The JOLT Effect”

“The Challenger Sale” fundamentally changed the way we think about sales by uncovering what high performers do differently in complex sales. In “The JOLT Effect,” Matthew Dixon (co-author of “The Challenger Sale,” “The Effortless Experience,” and “The Challenger Customer”) and Ted McKenna explore how Challenger sellers win against an oftentimes underestimated and overlooked foe: customer indecision.

Learn why sellers lose 40-60% of complex deals to indecision and how The Jolt Effect playbook helps them save their pipeline before it’s too late.

Fight indecision
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