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Ready to scale the Challenger methodology across your organization?

If you’ve seen the power of Challenger at the individual level, imagine what it can do for your entire sales organization.

Challenger Activation

A powerful combination of expert advice, online sales courses, consultative support, engaging content, and purpose-built tools can help you adopt, scale, and sustain Challenger methodology across your organization.

With Challenger Activation, you’ll be able to:

Educate your sales and marketing teams and reinforce Challenger skills asynchronously

Embed Challenger principles into your CRM, eliminating friction points and complexity

Uncover your organization’s biggest growth opportunities

Discover why you are winning and losing deals and leverage those insights to develop your team

Access an on-demand learning course library and tools and resources that grow with your team over time

Analyze the effectiveness of your sales force with detailed diagnostics

Work with Challenger’s best advisors to craft research-based, industry-specific insights to equip your sellers with winning pitches

Create tailored marketing messaging that conveys your value proposition and helps you stand out from your competition

Measure the impact of your training and development on the customer experience with reporting insights and diagnostic feedback

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Access online sales courses through the Challenger Hub

Our industry-leading learning platform, the Challenger Hub, gives you access to training, reinforcement activities and exercises, tools, templates, the Winning the Challenger Sale podcast, and more. Our content gives sellers, managers, leaders, sales enablement, and marketing teams the resources they need to understand and apply Challenger’s methodology.

Organized into learning paths and available in different languages, our content can also be integrated into your learning management system, so you have the flexibility to work the way that’s best for your organization. You can also control which content is available to different roles and monitor adoption and progress through detailed reports.

Online sales courses

Our online sales training helps you develop Challenger skills across your entire organization. Our eLearning library includes courses such as:

• Challenger® Selling Foundations
• Challenger® Coaching Foundations
• Challenger® Marketing Foundations
• Activating Your Customer Mobilizer®
• Customer Understanding
• Negotiations

Online playbooks

Our playbooks offer tactical, step-by-step guidance that shows you how to apply Challenger methodology in real-life deals. These playbooks include:

• Challenger Sales Process: TEMPO
• Challenger Coaching Playbook

Get greater insights into your team’s performance with Challenger surveys and diagnostics

The Challenger Activation platform includes an ever-expanding on-demand suite of diagnostics and reports that allow you to set baseline measurements, focus on the right metrics, and document success over time.

Coaching Pulse Survey

Set coaching benchmarks and give sales managers an actionable blueprint to continuously improve the quality of their coaching

Sales Effectiveness Diagnostic

Get perspective on bottlenecks, skill gaps, and activities with opportunities for additional attention and create custom personal and organizational development plans based on our TEMPO framework

Challenger Transformation Diagnostic

Survey your leadership team to evaluate their progress and build a roadmap to fill gaps and achieve your vision

Learner Adoption Reporting

Understand learner engagement so your admins and revenue leaders can tie business outcomes to user activity


Determine feedback themes and actionable next steps based on results from customer feedback surveys

Impact Survey

Track the impact Challenger methodology has had on moving deals through the pipeline by measuring learning retention, behavior application, business outcomes, and more, so you can assess ROI and surface residual gap areas to inform ongoing development

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Build an actionable strategy

Our consultants and leaders will join your leadership team on-site for a kickoff workshop to build a strategy, develop communication plans, and plot key initiatives and milestones on your Challenger implementation roadmap.

Executive advisory sessions

Guide your revenue leaders on strategic questions in implementing and supporting the Challenger methodology

Annual insight design

Drive improved sales conversations and disruptive marketing content through workshops that teach how to develop Challenger Insight and messaging

Annual pitch deck audit

Receive in-depth feedback on your pitch deck and suggestions for optimizing it following the Challenger methodology

Reinforcement plan

Develop a tailored journey that will coordinate the implementation of the Challenger methodology throughout your organization

Get access to technology that makes scaling Challenger easier

Challenger Activation offers access to a critical set of tools that make it easier to apply Challenger methodology:

Challenger LoopTM

Collect buyer feedback via survey throughout the deal cycle, quantifying the quality of the buyer’s experience and showing why your company is winning or losing deals

Salesforce plugin [beta]

Operationalize Challenger principles and make them available in the seller workstream through Salesforce

One-day support

Get support within one business day and 24/7 access to our self-service Help Center

Single sign-on

Centralize control over system access for increased security and organizational productivity

Deep-dive software training

Get initial, ongoing, or advanced training on Challenger Hub and Challenger LoopTM

Automated learner badges

Earn Challenger Hub badges to share on LinkedIn by completing eLearning courses

Why do organizations need Challenger Activation?

The concepts behind Challenger’s methodology are simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to apply them. One-off training isn’t enough to move the needle.

To drive Challenger behaviors home and ensure they stick, you need reinforcement, facilitation of coaching, performance measurement, and tools that help sellers translate Challenger concepts into everyday actions.

Challenger Activation offers a customized, guided journey that incorporates expert advice, education, and tools to empower sales organizations to effectively implement the behaviors that will yield the best results at the individual and organizational levels. We offer more than just online sales courses and tools; we enhance the customer experience.

Ready to scale your Challenger journey?

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