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Level Up Your Sales Team

When your team lacks the skills and structure to deliver, it’s your job that’s on the line — and you’ve got to solve this quickly. That’s why you need Challenger’s Level Ups: two-hour training sessions across 10 critical skills for sellers and managers alike.

Work through the biggest problems plaguing your sales cycle

Real-time support for real-life deals

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After you diagnose the skill gaps in your sellers and sales managers, solve them with our 10 focused Level Up sessions, including Discovery, Growth Planning, and Preparing for Negotiations

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Review our Course Catalog to see which of our two-hour workshops align best to your needs — you can book more than one and cover skill gaps across your entire sales team in one afternoon

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With a limit of 15 learners per Level Up workshop, you can coach sellers and managers together on active deals, resulting in just-in-time training that drives immediate results

10 critical topics.

Powerful and proven instruction.

Prospecting Level Up
Outreach Level Up
Discovery Level Up
Building the Business Case Level Up
The Group Meeting Level Up
The Demo Level Up
Objection Handling Level Up
Preparing for Negotiations Level Up
Territory Growth Planning Level Up
Urgency Drivers Level Up

It’s not too late to course correct and align skill improvement and coaching strategy — and get your 1H goals back on line.

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