Customer Service

Why good customer service matters

Delivering good customer service has never been more difficult as customers become savvier than ever and expect a unique, tailored experience with minimal effort on their part.

Customer service teams have to handle increasingly complex customer interactions and higher expectations all while under constant pressure to keep everyone happy.

Transform customer service with Effortless Experience

Challenger’s Effortless Experience makes service transformation easy through proven methods based on years of research.

  • Full-suite customer service training program via the Effortless Experience Capabilities Builder (EECB)
  • Coaching training for supervisors via the Effortless Experience Coaching Capabilities Builder (EECCB)
  • Transformation of your quality assurance function

Effortless Experience Capabilities Builder (EECB) as a framework for customer service training

High-effort customer interactions negatively impact customer loyalty; in fact, our research shows that 96% of customers who have a high-effort service interaction are more disloyal to a company. By reducing customer effort, service organizations can deliver higher-quality interactions. A better customer experience leads to positive word of mouth, higher NPS, better repurchase rates, and increased customer loyalty.

Our Capabilities Builder framework teaches customer service reps to go beyond soft skills. They’ll learn how to reduce customer effort by tailoring their interactions, engineering the experience for your customers, and forward resolving future issues. Our strategies:

  • Improve frontline performance and engagement
  • Create a consistent, end-to-end service experience
  • Drive organizational capabilities
  • Increase employee retention

Effortless Experience Coaching Capabilities Builder (EECCB) as a framework for supervisor training

Customer service interactions are 4X more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty. It’s critical to develop your reps with the right competencies and to hold them accountable. The right supervisor training can transform customer service in your organization by:

  • Enhancing individual rep performance
  • Improving staff retention and engagement
  • Creating a low-effort customer experience

Our Coaching Capabilities Builder (CCB) framework transforms your customer service organization through hands-on change management support and direct training for your supervisors. Specifically, your supervisors will learn the skills needed to deliver consistent, effective coaching of customer service skills.

Our program follows best practices and includes:

A trainer certification program to promote continuous learning

Reinforcement of skills through online and offline learning opportunities

Toolkits that incorporate expert advice and education to keep learners engaged

A before and after survey that assesses coaching effectiveness through the lens of the supervisor’s direct reports

Virtual instructor-led workshops that introduce world-class customer service coaching behaviors

Quality assurance transformation

Quality assurance was originally a manufacturing process. It was designed to catch flaws and mistakes. But the processes of manufacturing aren’t the same as customer service interactions, especially as expectations about what makes a positive customer experience continue to evolve.

We rebuild quality assurance processes, so they focus on meaningful customer behaviors instead of rote checklist items.

In our one-day quality assurance workshop, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Evaluate customer calls using a flexible, behavior-based quality assurance framework
  • Deliver performance feedback with a call listening approach focused on trends in performance
  • Select the right competencies for your team
  • Provide tools and templates to sustain your transformation

Our team will help you modernize your quality assurance function. You’ll receive expert facilitation, out-of-the-box resources, and research-driven consulting support to help your organization implement a flexible, competency-based framework aligned with your unique talent development and customer needs.

It’s time to align your customer experience quality assurance program with what your customers expect and what your reps can feel empowered to deliver.

What customers say:

“This investment in coaching, and the overall development of our people, has changed the culture of our call center. You can see it in the data and out on the floor every day in how we help customers.”

Jim LeMere, Director, Northwestern Mutual

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