Challenger Sales Team Training

Challenge the status quo and transform your sales organization

What does real sales transformation look like?

You see it in the experience your people have with customers. Your sellers deliver the right message, use the right skills, and engage the right customer stakeholders. As a result, your company converts more opportunities into closed deals. You win larger deals and close them faster.

And your customers report greater value from interaction with you.

The results of Challenger transformations are impressive:

Hundreds of sales organizations have added billions in top-line revenue and have more loyal, engaged, and satisfied sales teams. But this change is best appreciated when looking at the selling methods and individual seller performances that make up your experience with customers.

What is Challenger sales team training?

The difference between a successful sale and a failed sale comes down to being able to shift a customer’s thinking about their business or highlighting sales operation problems and then giving them a compelling reason to take action (a.k.a. being a Challenger). When individual sellers understand this difference, it changes their performance, their career growth, and their view of the sales profession.

Teaching their customers new selling methods

Tailoring their insights to address buyers’ needs

Taking control of the conversation to help buyers make decisions

With the right combination of training, practice, and coaching, you can transform sellers in your organization into high performers, grow your sales team’s level of impact, and give your customers a differentiated sales experience that will help you win even the most complex sale.

Sales transformation begins here

Installing new sales team training in your sales process is a journey. This journey requires inspiration and motivation to try a new selling system from the top of the organization all the way down. It also requires individuals who are willing to embrace digital sales transformation and learn new selling methods and leaders who will hold each team member accountable to apply those skills and processes in their workflow.

During the Challenger sales transformation journey, organizations will rethink the critical components of their sales systems.

Sales messaging

Buyers have evolved, but has your sales messaging?

Buyers are hungry for a better experience and a message that feels different. Many characteristics of your sales message won’t change your customer’s thinking, but two will: teaching your customer something new about their business and giving them a compelling reason to take action. This is what we call “Commercial Insight”: ideas designed to challenge assumptions, motivate action, and connect to your solution.

Our Challenger team partners with you to build a successful Commercial Insight engine. This means building, deploying, auditing, and refreshing the messages that keep your Challenger approach successful and sustainable.

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Sales team training and development

To improve the customer experience, sellers need to use the right behaviors and show confidence in the moments that matter. Challenger sales training programs, available in instructor-led sessions, eLearning, and hybrid formats, are designed for these moments in all stages of a typical sales process, from initial prospecting to late-stage negotiation.

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Sales process and execution

Sales team training is only as good as your ability to execute. Challenger uses a purpose-built framework, TEMPO, to help sellers and other customer-facing professionals continually apply good messaging and Challenger principles across sales processes and sales systems.


Find the right customers, prioritize, and prepare


Reach out and create demand


Define the buying process and gain alignment

Plan to close

Finalize the terms and close the opportunity

Operate and grow

Implement, service, and grow the account

Sellers can take their Challenger skills to the next level with our advanced learning options: our Level Up workshops are instructor-led, small-group working sessions, aligned to our TEMPO framework, designed to help sellers put their skills into action as they prepare for real-life situations using foundational Challenger principles.

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Hiring assessments

Salespeople are the lifeblood of the organization. It’s critical to identify talent with Challenger potential, then develop them into high performers through coaching and keep them trained with in-house Challenger experts.

We help from hiring through development and certification. Our online assessments help you identify applicants who are likely to have Challenger proficiency. Our organizational diagnostic identifies strategic opportunities and weaknesses to target during the sales transformation process. And our certification programs and coaching tools ensure you have the in-house expertise to operationalize Challenger principles and keep getting results.

Digital badging

Highlight your investment in your sellers’ development with our badging program that recognizes seller achievements. These social profile badges are awarded to learners who have completed select live, virtual, or eLearning Challenger training courses. They show your peers and network that your team has the competencies needed to provide a powerful sales experience and close more business.

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