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The best sellers don’t just focus on buildingcustomer relationships.

They find ways to push their customers.
We call these sellers the Challengers.

What is a Challenger?

What makes Challengers successful? A unique set of skills and a sales methodology that any sales rep can learn. And while you can learn the basics by reading The Challenger Sale, our professional sales training goes beyond the book, giving you hands-on experience that teaches you how to put what you learn into action immediately to win more deals.

Challengers guide buyers to better decisions

More than a third (38%) of complex B2B purchases end up in no decision. That means two things. One, convincing customers to take action is difficult. And two, sellers spend a lot of time trying, but failing, to win a decision. Then they have to start the process over again with the next customer. There’s a better way.

Challenger sales training teaches sales reps the behaviors they need to take control of the sale and guide buyers to a decision. Our courses teach sellers how to take control of the buying process from the start. They learn how to build constructive tension with buyers that moves conversations forward. And they discover how to get customers to think about their business in a way they haven’t thought about it before.

Challenger sales training programs teach sales reps how to offer valuable differentiators that challenge the customer’s assumptions.

Sellers who have completed Challenger training know how to establish credibility early in the relationship, which enables them to build trust. They then use what they’ve learned to show customers how their status quo is costing them or what opportunities they’ve missed.

In Challenger sales training, sellers learn how to reframe opportunities to avoid risk, win more business, save money, or steal market share. They know how to teach something new and tailor their message to the individual. They discover how to identify a customer’s pain and motivate them to address it. Challengers find that the courage to have more rigorous customer conversations is then rewarded with higher conversion rates.

60% of salespeople earning $250K+ use Challenger sales methodology

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Which companies benefit from Challenger sales training?

What makes Challengers successful? A unique set of skills and a sales methodology that any sales rep can learn. Our professional sales training gives hands-on experience that teaches your organization how to put what you learn into action immediately to win more deals.

Anyone who wants to improve their sales skills can benefit from Challenger sales training programs:

Sales representatives

Business development reps

Sales leaders

Customer service teams

Sales engineers

With a mix of learning modalities essential for deep learning and retention, our sales training programs create sales transformation. We engage different learning styles and activate multiple senses to deepen learning and make it easier to remember and apply.

Instructor-led training

Instructor-led sessions and workshops are configured to your business and built on sound learning principles blended with guided practice and application.


We offer a host of on-demand professional sales courses on our Challenger Activation platform. These build foundational knowledge and allow sellers to apply skills to active opportunities, supporting career development.

Hybrid courses

Our blended learning sequences combine dynamic virtual content, deal-based exercises for real-world application, and virtual coaching.

Find the Challenger sales training course that’s right for your organization

To provide the ideal learning experience, Challenger sales training program instructors, called global advisors, are experts in sales, marketing, and customer service. And what they teach sellers is easy to understand and simple to apply.


Refine your sales skills and learn how to apply those skills to specific sales opportunities. Coaching courses for sales managers teach how to develop their sales team using the Challenger sales methodology.

Sales execution

Take your Challenger skills to the next level with our advanced level-up workshops: instructor-led, small-group working sessions aligned to our TEMPO (Target, Engagement, Manage, Plan to Close, Operate and Grow) framework, designed to help sellers identify and execute in the moments that matter across the sales cycle.​


Discover how to use the Challenger sales methodology to develop Commercial Insights and content roadmaps that shift customer mindsets and convince them to take action.

Companies like SAP, Franke, and Xerox choose Challenger

to improve their sales, marketing, and customer service performance

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What makes our sales training programs different?

Challenger sales training programs don’t teach sales reps how to perfect their sales pitch. In our courses, sellers learn how to disrupt customers’ thinking and teach them something new.

That’s because customers today approach deals thinking they already know what products and features they want. They have an idea in mind of the value they’re willing to pay for. And they don’t think they need advice from sales reps.

To break through, sales reps need to deliver a stellar customer experience. Of the four drivers of customer loyalty — (1) the customer experience, (2) the customer’s perception of the company, (3) the customer’s perception of the company’s products and services, and (4) the customer’s perception of the fairness of the price for the value received — the sales experience accounts for 53% of customer loyalty. That’s more than the other factors combined. That’s what we focus on in our courses: giving sales reps the skills to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Our professional sales training programs teach sellers how to:


Understand and address the needs of different stakeholders


Transition from sales pitches to teaching


Offer unique insights that help customers reach a decision


Build support across the customer organization


Make it easy for customers to take action


Close and negotiate high-quality deals

What are you waiting for?

Transform your sales team.

The best companies grow, and grow fast, by challenging customers, not by serving them.

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