Customer Operations

Improving customer service in an increasingly complex world

The role of your customer operations teams is to provide excellent service to keep your customers happy, engaged, and loyal.

As it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain a level of excellence, Challenger’s Effortless Experience team developed a framework that enables service teams to consistently make it easy for customers to resolve their questions or concerns.

And while we know that “what gets measured gets managed,” it’s important to also consider how you’ll equip your frontline staff with the right skills to impact the customer effort you’re measuring.

Why Effortless Experience?

It’s absolutely critical to develop your frontline staff with the right competencies and to hold them accountable for their behaviors.

Our Effortless Experience Skills Framework, based on years of research, helps your reps develop the skills, competencies, and behaviors that your frontline staff need to deliver a successful low-effort service experience.

By reducing customer effort, service organizations can deliver higher-quality interactions and lower costs.

Positive word of mouth

Positive word-of-mouth improves the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is 65 points higher for top-performing, low-effort companies than for high-effort companies.

Increased repurchase rates

94% of customers with low-effort interactions intend to repurchase - compared with just 4% of those who experience high-effort interactions with your company.

Reduced costs

A low-effort interaction costs 37% less than a high-effort interaction and reduces costs by decreasing repeat calls, escalations, and channel switching.

Increased employee retention

When service reps provide better experiences to customers, they feel better about their jobs, and their intent to stay increases up to 17%.

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Who should receive Effortless Experience training?

Customer Service Reps

Your customer service reps are the first people that talk to customers when something goes wrong. As customers become savvier and expectations increase, it is critical that your frontline workers are able to perform well under pressure and keep your customers happy and loyal.

Customer Service Supervisors

Good customer service starts with the supervisors. Your leaders need to know the skills and framework required to deliver consistent, effective coaching of customer service skills.

Quality Assurance Teams

Organizations must review customer interactions, including phone calls, chats, and emails, to ensure reps are meeting expectations. Ensure your quality assurance process is focused on meaningful customer behaviors instead of checklist items by training your team how to properly evaluate and deliver feedback.

What's different about Challenger's training for customer service teams?

What most organizations don’t realize is that customer service rep performance depends on how well they are coached. Good coaching is critical: it’s the top driver of rep performance and a leading driver of rep retention.

Bad coaching can degrade performance nearly twice as much as good customer service coaching helps. And unfortunately, only 21% of supervisors are effective at coaching.

As organizations continue to promote their top-performing customer service reps into leadership roles, those top performers are woefully underprepared and poorly qualified to lead because they are provided with little to no targeted professional development to improve their skills.

That’s where Challenger comes in.

If you’re ready to start transforming your customer experience, let's talk about your quality assurance process.

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