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Overcome customer indecision with live training

Increase Close Rates up to 30%

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40-60% of deals are lost due to no decision versus the competition.

Indecision is draining your pipeline

How much time is your sales team wasting on deals that are lost to no decision? The answer to driving more sales in 2024 will be less about lead gen and more about getting the deals stuck in pipeline to move forward and close.

Help your team overcome indecision with an exclusive keynote or hands-on workshop on the latest research into customer inaction and the JOLT Effect playbook.

Make your next sales training memorable

Looking for a dynamic facilitator to educate and excite your sales team? It’s never too late to motivate your sales team to perform at the highest level. Choose a JOLT Effect keynote or workshop with a Challenger facilitator and give your team the tools they need to:

Uncover the reasons for indecision

Maintaining the status quo is not the only driver of inaction. Learn how to understand and spot the difference between FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and FOMU (Fear of Messing Up).

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Apply new approaches to unblock deals

Sellers tend to focus on defeating the status quo, which makes the customer much more likely to do nothing. Overcome customer indecision and drive urgency for change with the JOLT Effect playbook.

Improve conversion rate

The average performer win rate is 26%, but high performers see a win rate of 59%. Close the gap and turn your sales team into high performers by combining the Challenger approach and JOLT Effect playbook.

"The JOLT Effect is such a logical extension of the brilliance of The Challenger Sale… I expect it to have a similarly major impact on the GTM sales motion that I and my fellow professionals deploy."

Mitchell Bayer VP of CRO Partnerships, physIQ

JOLT Effect Keynote

Explore indecision with a Challenger facilitator and receive a high-level overview of the JOLT Effect playbook in a 1-hour, or 2-hour session presented by a Challenger facilitator. Facilitators will vary.



JOLT Effect Hands on Workshop

Explore indecision and dissect each letter of the JOLT Effect playbook with a Challenger facilitator through 2, 4-hour workshops or 1, 8-hour workshop with a Challenger facilitator. These workshops are designed to be interactive and leave sellers with actionable insights for overcoming indecision. Facilitators will vary.


Sessions only offered in English, facilitators will vary, no recordings permitted.

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