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Take These Steps to Improve Forecast Accuracy

If you made it this far, you lived through 2023. That accomplishment alone means you probably don’t need us to tell you that “accurate sales…

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How to Select the Right LMS For Your Revenue Teams

True learning is not a one-and-done endeavor. Gartner found that without reinforcement, learners lose 87% of what they learned after 30 days, and in…

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5 Steps Leaders Should Take in Times of Uncertainty

In today’s economic climate, sales leaders face a unique set of challenges, and the landscape continues to change rapidly. With market…

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Supply and Demand: Is Transparency the Cure?

Some Key Questions Suppliers Need to Ask Themselves in 2022 It seems impossible, now that we’re in 2022, to have any conversation about business…

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What’s Your Opening Move?

A client of ours recently told us he has a chessboard in his office because there were so many parallels to sales. I paused, but it didn’t take me…

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Commercial Teaching: More Than Just An Early-Stage Strategy

In our most recent Winning the Challenger Sales Webinar, we went deep on "Discovery" calls and shared some tips for how to leverage "high-gain"…

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How Do Challengers Negotiate?

“The first step is the hardest”. It’s what we say to encourage each other to get going. The same is true in sales. Shifting the customer’s initial…

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Challenger Skills Part 3: Which Skills Are Most Important in 2021?

This post concludes a series we began a few weeks ago: Our first post looked at the distribution of sellers by profile in 2020, using the same…

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Challenger Skills Part 2: What has changed in 2020?

Last week, I shared a snapshot of our ongoing Challenger assessment data and how Challengers in 2020, moving into 2021, are disproportionately more…

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Challenger Skills Part 1: Are Challengers still high performers?

2020, it seems safe to say, will be remembered as a year when events conspired to accelerate the digitization of everything. Speaking personally,…

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