The Death of Discovery: 4 Sales Questions You Need to be Asking

Whether you’re asking the classic discovery question of “What’s keeping you up at night?”, or the more updated Consultative Selling query of “How can…

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Salespeople: Don’t Let Titles Fool You, That VP or CEO You’re Chasing Could be a Dud

In the sales profession, we've spent a long time training our people to find senior decision makers in the customer's organization. As we’ve…

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A Commercial Teaching Message Should Be A Drama, Not A Horror Story

In his new book, This Is Marketing, Seth Godin draws a critical distinction between constructive tension and fear. Commercial teaching focused on…

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Why Salespeople Need to Be Storytellers

If you've read The Challenger Sale, then you know you can't close a sale by simply sharing a business case and a jazzy pitch deck full of charts and…

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8 Dos and Don’ts of Challenger Messaging

How do you take a commercial insight and make it as impactful and disruptive as possible to get the message across to your customers? In this post,…

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SAP and The Challenger Sales Methodology

A Memorable Transformation Experience Our team has spent a few very enjoyable years implementing the Challenger concept in SAP. The following post is…

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Be Assertive, Not Aggressive. Taking Control of the Sale.

What does "taking control" really mean? Starting up a new blog for Challenger has me reading a lot of content from our years as part of CEB and…

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