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How Prospect Theory Drives Sales Experiences

Last month, I achieved a new personal best at the gym: I hip-thrusted 130kg (that’s nearly 300 lbs for our American readers). To put it into context,…

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a man and woman having an intense conversation

Tactics for Dialing Up Constructive Tension

Let’s start with a familiar scenario. You’re choosing an operating system for your enterprise company. Your two options are both great companies with…

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Beyond Borders: Debunking Myths About Challenger in International Markets

Editor’s Note: Though regular readers will note that most Challenger articles follow the conventions of U.S. English, we feel the spirit of this post…

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Want Account Growth? Make Your Business Indispensable

Today’s market is complex and unpredictable, but one thing is certain — retention matters more now than ever before. By embracing the role of a…

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woman performing win/loss calculations

How to Perform Win/Loss Ratio Calculations & Why You Should

If you work in sales, we don’t need to tell you that conducting regular lost sales analysis is an essential part of doing business. Win and loss…

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Commercial Teaching: More Than Just An Early-Stage Strategy

In our most recent Winning the Challenger Sales Webinar, we went deep on "Discovery" calls and shared some tips for how to leverage "high-gain"…

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How Do Challengers Negotiate?

“The first step is the hardest”. It’s what we say to encourage each other to get going. The same is true in sales. Shifting the customer’s initial…

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Challenger Skills Part 3: Which Skills Are Most Important in 2021?

This post concludes a series we began a few weeks ago: Our first post looked at the distribution of sellers by profile in 2020, using the same…

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Challenger Skills Part 2: What has changed in 2020?

Last week, I shared a snapshot of our ongoing Challenger assessment data and how Challengers in 2020, moving into 2021, are disproportionately more…

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Challenger Skills Part 1: Are Challengers still high performers?

2020, it seems safe to say, will be remembered as a year when events conspired to accelerate the digitization of everything. Speaking personally,…

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