Challenger Selling in a Virtual (Pandemic) Environment

For months now the most frequent request Challenger has received is for resources to help sell in a virtual environment. It’s been six months and…

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Aligning Challenger® Skills to Your Sales Process

A certain man wanted to learn to play the piano. He watched skilled players for a while and, assuming that was all there was to it, sat down to…

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Rethink Account Plans

As the world confronts the human and economic cost of COVID-19, sales leaders must focus on a strategy to survive and position their businesses for…

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Challenger’s Six Pillars of Commercial Transformation

In a world where 38% of major purchase efforts end in ‘no deal’, companies find that they badly need to do something different to…

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Challenger and Sense Maker Go Together Like Steak and Salt

Our Challenger team first provided thoughts on Gartner’s new Sense Maker concept in a blog we published a few months back. Gartner has since…

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Challengers Make Sense

Many of our clients have asked us to interpret the 2019 Gartner for Sales Leaders study of “Givers”, “Tellers”, and “Sense Makers”. These are…

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Customer Always Right vs. Customer Comes First – Turns Out There’s a Big Difference

When attempting to get Challenger right, remembering the key principles on change management is important…you need to know where you want to go and…

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Thought Leadership vs Commercial Insight: The Hard Truth

Today’s sales leaders and marketers spend a great deal of time discussing the changes in customer buying behavior. Customers are engaging later in…

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A Commercial Teaching Message Should Be A Drama, Not A Horror Story

In his new book, This Is Marketing, Seth Godin draws a critical distinction between constructive tension and fear. Commercial teaching focused on…

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Why Salespeople Need to Be Storytellers

If you've read The Challenger Sale, then you know you can't close a sale by simply sharing a business case and a jazzy pitch deck full of charts and…

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