Challenger has tracked the evolution of B2B buying and selling since 2008 with our most recent large-scale study in July 2020. A lot has changed since then… and likely will continue to change faster than our research can keep up. 

So, this year, we decided to do a mid-year reprise of our B2B Buyer Study before our next large-scale study this fall. The results are in, and they are fascinating. 

Watch the on-demand webinar where our host and CEO, Andee Harris, is joined by our VP of Product, Gina Slesar. The two dig into what the research is saying about: 

  • How buyers become aware of a new product or solution 
  • Where buyers conduct research before meeting with a new vendor 
  • What has the highest impact on likelihood to renew a contract 
  • Why buyers don’t buy 

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