Buying and selling is in a chaos spiral — and it’s no wonder that sales leaders struggle to achieve forecasting results that they’d term “predictable.”

Improving forecast accuracy is a science — but it’s also an art. No one is ever going to get it 100% right, but by digging deep with the right buyers, asking powerful questions, and using conversational intelligence to assess what they do, you can build a forecasting system that delivers predictable results on a cadence that works for your organization.

In this lively session, Challenger’s Dan Flood and Ines Tamaddon unpack:

  • how to evaluate the right buyer behaviors,
  • build a thoughtful forecasting culture, and
  • leverage technology to ensure happy ears don’t get in the way of reality.

It’s the reality check every pipeline-and-win-rate-obsessed sales leader (read: every sales leader) needs.

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