Sales tech has been having a moment. For a few years now.  

Set in motion by the pandemic, companies started rapidly adopting new technologies, tactics, and engagement strategies as a crisis response, all to support a digital-first purchase experience. 

And they were right to do so—recent studies have confirmed that buyers now prefer to be sold to virtually instead of face-to-face.  

However, in the haste, many investments were made in sales tech point solutions to solve a specific problem for a specific stage in the sales process. Basic file-sharing for content storage. Company and contact intelligence for prospecting. Sales engagement tools for outreach. Call intelligence for deal acceleration.  And herein lies the fatal flaw. 

What is described above is a sales tech stack aligned with how sellers sell… not how buyers buy. We know that the buying journey is far less linear than the sales process. 

It’s time to revisit how we use sales and enablement tech to empower sellers to provide a better buying experience.  

In this on-demand webinar, host of Leading The Challenger Sale and Challenger CEO, Andee Harris, is joined by Hendrik Isebaert, CEO of Showpad. They discuss how building a sales tech stack that works for you, not against you, is the key to a differentiated and loyalty-driving buying experience. You’ll hear the Challenger perspective on sales productivity in the new work environment and reducing seller burden, complemented with Showpad’s research and approach on how to align sales and marketing to create exceptional buyer experiences. 

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