For your healthcare accounts, the straight line from “first contact” to “closed/won” is anything but — especially when you’re dealing with a broad set of stakeholders for whom every minute counts.

Healthcare providers struggle against overloaded schedules, resulting in rising rates of burnout and depression. Administrators grapple with attrition, staffing shortages, and margins that are still below historic levels. Executives need a reason to push your request to the top of their agenda… and you have limited access to all of them.

Meanwhile, your deals only get more complex. It seems as though there’s always one more legal review. One more procurement hurdle. One more stakeholder to align. Closing spins out months longer than projected, and your forecast accuracy? That’s not happening.

Those prolonged deals cost you precious time. And if your buyers never move forward, it’s a waste of their precious time too. Avoid the wasteland of indecision and make it easier to for healthcare providers to buy from you with Challenger’s mutual action plan.

This easy-to-follow but detailed template helps move deals across the finish line. It’s designed with healthcare providers in mind, so you can help your time-strapped buyers know exactly what they need to do to solve their problems with you. With documented deadlines and agreed-upon next steps, this plan is a precise roadmap to get you to a closed/won deal faster and with minimal headaches — for you and your buyer.

What’s in the healthcare version of Challenger’s mutual action plan template?

  • Customizable plan with target dates, milestones, and owner assignments for both seller and buyer
  • Framework for documenting success criteria, so you and your customers can align on expectations
  • Straightforward way to organize all resources, including collateral and FAQs, requested by the customer during the buying process — no more email chains and missing documents

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