How to sell when nobody’s buying.

Unearth the secrets that make your buyers buy, even when they’re not buying. Check out the latest Challenger guide.


The selling landscape has changed.

Customers now approach most purchases — especially complex ones — armed with more information and a stronger will to battle over price.

As a result, the way we approach complex sales must change. Discover how to pivot your sales teams and refresh your approach in Challenger’s latest guide.

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Challenger is the global leader in training, technology and consulting to win today’s complex sale.

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to deliver world-class coaching and mentoring.

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With low-effort skills to take deals over the line.

Understand win/loss better

Gain insight into win/loss and pivot.

Make it truly effortless

Backed by ongoing research and insight.

"We’ve seen more people hitting quota by a factor of 3x than ever before."


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Transform your sales team.

The best companies grow, and grow fast, by challenging customers, not by serving them.

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