Software | Sales Training

SAP is one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations. Its customers generate 87% of total global commerce, and all but one of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers.

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Information Technology | Sales Training

Xerox is a workplace technology company with a geographic footprint that spans 160 countries. It builds and integrates software and hardware for small and large businesses and has defined the modern work experience by inventing the copier, Ethernet, laser printer, and more.

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Industrial Manufacturing | Sales Training

Flowserve Corporation is a leading provider of fluid motion and control solutions, including pumps, valves, and mechanical seals, for the world’s toughest, most critical applications. The company operates in more than 300 locations in over 50 countries.

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Educational Software | Sales Training

Odysseywear provides easy-to-access, user-friendly digital content and curriculum that includes over 300 standards-based core courses and electives. The classroom solution addresses students' needs both inside and outside the classroom with standards-based core courses and electives designed to support personalized learning in grades 3-12.

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Biotechnology | Sales Training

Affymetrix, now called Applied Biosystems Microarray Analysis and part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a leading provider of products that enable parallel analysis of biological systems at the gene, protein, and cell levels.

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Sales Training

With an annual profit of $40 billion and more than 135,000 employees, this Internet market leader generates a significant portion of its revenue through advertising on its platforms. To grow its reach and capture enterprise business, the company introduced cloud-based subscription services.

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SaaS Sales Training

With an annual revenue of over $400 million and more than 1,500 employees, this SaaS enterprise serves as a platform for businesses' identity and security needs. Shifting from software to subscription services, the company unlocked new revenue potential.

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Technology Sales Training

Garnering $100 million in revenue and employing a team of more than 900, this Google/Alphabet-funded company combines data science and machine learning to drive business results. The organization achieved unicorn status as a hypergrowth market creator.

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