I finally did it. After talking about it for over a year, I finally invested in a standing desk. What is the new saying? Sitting is the new smoking? Well, being married to a personal trainer made me realize I better get off that seat.

So I did what we all do. I asked around. I asked friends, I asked family: “Do any of you have a standing desk? If so, would you recommend purchasing from this company? Would you re-buy your desk if you were looking today?”

And one of my friends who I trust wholeheartedly (because she’s that friend—you know, the one you have who researches EVERYTHING?) was like: “I have the desk for you.”

She recommended a company I hadn’t heard of . . . but, then again, I’m not that friend who does the research.

The buying process was easy. The company’s website was not only cool (loved the demo videos), but it was easy to navigate, and I was able to find the product and price that fit my budget. So I ordered it . . .

It shipped. It arrived.

Then the chaos began. One of the legs on my new sleek desk wasn’t functioning. We (yes, my wife was running point here as she’s much better at this stuff) jumped on with tech support. They walked us through a few things to troubleshoot and then gave us the answer we already knew. Faulty part. They would have to ship us a new one from California (I’m in Maryland) so the half-built desk ended up sitting behind me for over a week as we waited . . .

The new part shipped. Then it arrived.

And the chaos continued. The new leg worked but the mechanism that makes the desk go up (do you see why I’m not the one doing the research OR putting it together?) didn’t work. So we went back to tech support, BUT this time they set up a time for us to TALK LIVE to an agent. The company knew that this was the second issue, and they, too, couldn’t believe it.

What happened on that call was magical. I got a rep who—as we say here at Effortless—truly owned and advocated for me. He apologized. He wanted to capture all the details so he could connect with both product and his customer service leadership team to make sure this didn’t happen again. He conveyed advocacy by being an active champion for my issue and working on MY behalf to achieve resolution . . .

Turns out we just got a dud. It was the perfect storm. The company shipped that second replacement part from their east coast warehouse to ensure we had it overnight, and scheduled time with their tech team to support us (really the wifey) in putting the final pieces together (forward resolving!).

The road wasn’t easy, but I love my new desk. Would I recommend this company to a friend? YES. Because even though we ran into several issues, when I got to their live rep, they didn’t follow a script or hide behind policy. They fixed my problem.

Happy wife, happy life . . .

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