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Expert Tips for Planning Your Next Sales Kickoff

In our September webinar, nearly half of the attendees said the started planning their yearly sales kickoff in Q3. Another quarter won’t start until…

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woman planning a kick ass sales kick off meeting

A Practical Guide to Creating a Kick-Ass SKO

Quarter four will be here before you know it — and those three months of excitement lead right into the sales kickoff. If you want to make sure your…

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how to create an inclusive sales team

Four Experts Share Insights for Fostering an Inclusive Sales Team

Leaders who want to foster a healthy sales culture face a mountain of advice and pretty terrible examples (Always Be Closing, anyone?).  When your…

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woman performing win/loss calculations

How to Perform Win/Loss Ratio Calculations & Why You Should

If you work in sales, we don’t need to tell you that conducting regular lost sales analysis is an essential part of doing business. Win and loss…

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happy and motivated sales team

How to Motivate Sales Teams: Strategies for Success

Motivating salespeople to work toward — and ideally exceed — organizational goals and milestones is a crucial consideration for organizations…

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Using Storytelling to Stand Out, Give Back, and Build Connections

Your alarm goes off and you grab your phone, silencing the noise to scroll social media for a few minutes before getting ready for the day. You…

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Be Curious in Discovery & Personalize the Sales Process

Buyers don’t give a shit about your product if you can’t solve their problem. Plain and simple. Buyers won’t care about your product if it doesn’t…

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To Sell a Great Product, Create a Great Sales Experience

When it comes to winning with today’s B2B buyers, our guest on the Winning The Challenger Sale podcast this week has some serious mic-dropping…

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How to Unbreak Discovery & Tailoring to Buyer Readiness

Your phone charger is frayed and bent. Wires exposed, you twist it slightly to the right and balance your phone just so to get it to charge. A new…

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Rethinking Personalization in the Modern Outbound Selling System

We think we know our customers… but what if they’re in an entirely different universe than we imagine? Each layer of customer understanding unveils a…

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