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CEO Statement on the Challenger Rebrand

Challenger recently refreshed our logo and other brand elements. Our CEO, Andee Harris' statement on this new visual identity is below. For a…

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To Stand or Not To Stand

I finally did it. After talking about it for over a year, I finally invested in a standing desk. What is the new saying? Sitting is the new smoking?…

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What Your Customers Want . . . TODAY

FACT: We all feel different as customers today than we did two years ago. Personally, my patience is thinner than ever, and it makes sense when we…

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What’s Your Opening Move?

A client of ours recently told us he has a chessboard in his office because there were so many parallels to sales. I paused, but it didn’t take me…

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The Worst Question a Service Rep Can Ask

Portions of the following blog are excerpts from our book, The Effortless Experience That title probably caught your attention, so without making…

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Crawl, Walk, Run Customer Service

A close cousin of the statement that “doctors make the worst patients” might be that “customer service professionals make the worst customers.”  I…

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A Factory of Sadness

Years ago, back in our CEB days, we used to share a slide that labeled the contact center a “Factory of Sadness.”  It resulted in nervous laughs…

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How to avoid the Great Resignation with Good Engagement

In Gartner’s recent 2021 Customer Service Rep Role and Experience Survey, data shows that only one in three reps are actually engaged; the remaining…

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Three Steps to Make Good Sales Advice Stick

“To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it.” – American Playwright Wilson Mizner   There’s no shortage of good sales advice.…

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Commercial Teaching: More Than Just An Early-Stage Strategy

In our most recent Winning the Challenger Sales Webinar, we went deep on "Discovery" calls and shared some tips for how to leverage "high-gain"…

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