Challengers know that strong sales conversations depend on establishing and delivering a powerful Reframe within the Commercial Insight choreography — a compelling idea that teaches your customers something new and changes the way they think about their business.

Is your Reframe working hard enough to disrupt your buyer’s existing beliefs?

Revisit your Reframe during our next Winning The Challenger Sale webinar on April 11 at 10 a.m. CT. We’re inviting two sales leaders to share a real-life Reframe with our experts for a live feedback review, which will be packed with practical guidance on building and executing a successful Reframe that changes your buyer’s perspective…and your sellers’ win rates.

Michael Schaumberger, principal executive advisor and global head of insights and messaging, and Charryse Bigger, enterprise account executive, will lead this session and cover:

  • The key elements of the six-step Commercial Insight choreography
  • How to build and consistently deliver a powerful and motivating Reframe
  • Effectively tailoring your Reframe by listening to understand

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